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    Here we grow again. Telerik acquires NimblePros

    It doesn’t even feel like it’s been that long since I wrote a post on “Telerik in Numbers” (almost 10 months to date), and that blog content feels very out of date. While I plan to update you with some new, fresh stats in the future, today I wanted to update you with some exciting news that will impact the stats I gave you on the number of offices and people we have. I am really happy to announce the acquisition of NimblePros. Throughout the years we’ve had many touch points with Michelle and Steve Smith, the founders of NimblePros....
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    Communication struggles at a large company

    Last week I wrote about communication struggles at startups and small companies. Since Telerik is the largest company I’ve ever worked for, I’ve asked my sister, Caroline Forte, to write a guest blog post. Caroline has worked at large companies for a long time and is also responsible for several aspects of corporate communications in her current role. Take it away sis: I’ve worked in communications at a large company for longer than I’d like to publically admit. During that time I have supported many different facets of the business, yet the communication challenges seem to be very consistent. No matter how much information you try to provide there are...
    April 16, 2012
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    10 New Apps Join the Telerik Windows Phone Showcase Gallery

    I’ve just added 10 great customers’ apps to the Telerik Windows Phone Showcase Gallery.    Some of them are already doing great on the Marketplace, such as for example: Free Music Cloud at # 9 in the music + video / free category Private Photobox at # 94 in the photo / free category Don’t forget to send us your apps built with RadControls for Windows Phone at [windowsphoneapps at Telerik dot com]. ...
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    Communication struggles at a small company

    I’ve spent my entire career at start-ups. I’m use to small. I once worked at a big table with everyone else employed at the company, resulting in pure bliss. One company that I started with three other guys got up to eight people before we were sold to a company with close to 7,000 people in 40 countries. I am most comfortable working side by side with my colleagues; unfortunately over the last 10 years it has not really worked out that way. Ten years ago I started Corzen with my partner Bruce. Our first office was the Starbucks on 6th and W 57th street in Manhattan. We got...
    April 12, 2012
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    From Telerik VP: Microsoft + ASP.NET + Open Source: This Time for Sure!

    Bullwinkle: “Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat!” Rocky: “Again? That trick never works!” Bullwinkle: “This time for sure!” In the last week or so, I’ve heard mixed reactions to Scott Hanselman’s eye-popping announcement that, in addition to ASP.NET MVC that is already open source, that Microsoft is releasing ASP.NET Web API and Razor as open source as well. Further, and this is the big deal: Microsoft is going to take contributions on their open source ASP.NET components and ship those contributions in the box for future major releases. Of course, this is big news on the face of it, but some...
    April 11, 2012