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    Telerik Interview Series – three new interviews on hottest topics at TechEd 2012

    Today we bring you three interesting interviews. First, we talk to Todd Anglin on HTML5, jQuery, challenges in software development for mobile devices, and even the kind of exercise you get at TechEd.   Next, we stay on the mobile theme and talk to Doug Seven on his role of Vice President of “Black Ops” and future of mobile development, developer tools and how the cloud is changing it all.  
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    The new new startup economics

    While speaking on a panel last week at the BizSpark European Entrepreneurship conference in London, I mentioned how in 1999 we raised $36m of Venture Capital at Zagat in order to get from idea (expressed in PowerPoint) to paying customers. I asserted that back then in the stone ages, you had to: buy lots of servers (usually at overcapacity if you had some peak and valleys in traffic), hire lots of expensive people, and spend a ton on marketing to reach the masses. Then I asserted that how those numbers started to change due to the cloud and the infrastructure around it (Skype, outsourcing, etc). I talked briefly...
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    TechEd 2012 – developer keynote and interview series for all of you who couldn’t be there

    If you are a developer working with Microsoft platforms, and aren’t living under a rock, then you probably know that TechEd 2012 is happening right now in Orlando, Florida. Telerik is in Orlando, in force. We know most of you couldn’t be there, so we sent out our scouts to help capture at least a part of the experience for you.  A very big part of TechEd 2012 is Windows 8 and what it brings to software developers. One thing we are pretty proud of is the fact that Antoine Leblond, the corporate Vice President of Windows Web Services, included Telerik...
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    We Need Developer Tools, Not Platform Development Tools

    A blog by Doug Seven, Executive Vice President at Telerik. (Original post here) It’s been almost a year since I left my role at Microsoft as Director of Product Management for Visual Studio. Ever since I left, I’ve had lots of people asking what I am working on now, and I’ve been pretty quiet about it (the running joke is that I am the VP of Black Ops). The truth is that my team and I have been very busy solving what we believe to be one of the biggest challenges facing developers today and building a new product that I...
    June 08, 2012
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    Premiere of Telerik RadControls for Metro at TechEd’12 – the First Commercial Library for Windows 8

    True to our tradition of being the first company out-of-the-gate to arm developers with tools for Silverlight and Windows Phone, Telerik will be revealing the first commercial library for Windows 8 at TechEd’12, June 11-14. RadControls for Metro is the toolset for building Windows 8 enterprise and consumer apps that will run on tablets and large screens using your language of choice – HTML or XAML. The suite will include two mirror libraries with the same user experience, functionality and behavior. No matter if you are an HTML or XAML developers, you will be able to build exactly the same app...