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    Introducing revamped ChartDataSource for WPF and Silverlight

    November 01, 2012 Share
    It is only a few days since the 2012 Q3 release of RadControls for Silverlight and WPF and we have something new to show you. Here in Telerik we really appreciate feedback from you, the customer. Following this feedback we revamped our ChartDataSource to include the most desired features and we also significantly improved performance. Let’s start with a few words on the ChartDataSource itself. If you are familiar with it you can safely skip this section and move directly to the goodies. The ChartDataSource is a companion control, designed to work together with our new charting solution –...
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    Programatically selecting visual items with the new Interactivity API in RadChart for Silverlight / WPF

    December 16, 2010 Share
    Hi everyone! As you know RadChart supports selection and hover interactivity effects and 2010.Q3 release exposes an API that allows you, the developer, to control it. Now I am going to show you how you can select any number of items only by moving your mouse.   First let’s start with the rectangle selector that the user draws with its mouse. I have added a canvas on top of the Radchart to hold the rectangle. We need to listen to MouseLeftButtonDown, MouseMove and MouseLeftButtonUp events to control the rectangle position and size. The tricky part is how to convert the size of the rectangle...
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    Exploring the RadSparklines performance in WPF/Silverlight

    December 06, 2010 Share
    As we know, the RadSparklines are characterized by their small memory footprint, cleaner XAML and simple but powerful rendering. When looking at the sparkline controls in the context of a charting tool one has to note that they are much more simplified. They lack many of the visual elements, such as Axis lines, gridlines or striplines. This makes them much faster when rendered and very suitable when used in high data-intensity scenarios. One such scenario may be when using different types of sparklines bound to a ViewModel/class, which passes hundreds or even thousands of data points to the controls.   Since the RadSparklines...
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    Say hello to the RadBulletGraph for Silverlight/WPF!

    November 26, 2010 Share
    Hello everybody! I am Yavor Ivanov and I work in the DataVisualization team here at Telerik.  As Vladimir mentioned earlier in his blog post, the Q3 release focuses on dashboards and line of business applications and today I am happy to announce another result of this focus: the RadBulletGraph!     The Bullet Graph is created by Stephen Few and it is designed especially for dashboards. This little wonder is very data intensive and easy to read at the same time. In just one Bullet graph you can demonstrate both what your projected and your accomplished goals for a period are, specify qualitative...