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    Another new Telerik product - conundrum

    We'll be releasing a new product for Q1 and will be posting a ton of details about it in the coming weeks. Before that happens though, I thought I'd give everyone a chance to win a very special, limited-edition Telerik T-shirt. All you need to do is to provide a correct answer to the riddle below (which can give you some clues about the new product but you still need to be a bit creative): "I am a product of art Your capabilities I'll test And put all worries to rest In Visual Studio I run And using me is fun" Enjoy! p.s. Please use real names that I can identify in our database so...
    February 03, 2009
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    Happy New Year to Everybody!

    Time does fly fast! More than a year ago, I wrote a blog post about the then upcoming 2008 and just a wink later it's already 2009! Last year was one that passed by at light speed... I've noticed that when you are at work and you're focused on the daily grind, you often see only the challenges and think about how slow you are progressing. It's great that there are holidays when you slow down a bit and you have time to look back and see that things are much different.   At New Year's Eve my wife and I were...
    January 05, 2009
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    The new telerik.com is LIVE! And it runs on Sitefinity!

    Even though we did not consciously schedule our Q3 release to occur during the US presidential election week, we now see the similarities between the election and our release.  Just as the election is of historical significance to the US people, so too is our Q3 release for us.  We managed to push our biggest release in time filled with major improvements and new additions and refinements across all existing product lines,  an official release of our Silverlight controls, 3 major new controls for WPF (gauge, chart and scheduler) and, last but not least, the first release of our newly acquired OpenAccess ORM product. But...
    November 07, 2008
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    The New Telerik.com

    For the past several months, we've been rebuilding & redesigning the Telerik.com web site.  Our existing web site had served us very well, but it was beginning to show some age.  We were anxious to utilize some of the newer techniques & technologies available to us and, in the end, hopefully offer a better experience to our customers. Telerik.com is a big a web site and rebuilding it wasn't a trivial task.  Not only does Telerik.com get a lot of traffic, but it also contains a TON of content (product information, demos, support articles, forum posts, etc.).  To support this task we needed a...
    November 06, 2008
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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM licensing and pricing

    Immediately after word got out that we acquired Vanatec, customers started asking us what are our plans for the tool, how much it is going to cost and whether they would get it for free or they would have to upgrade. While we will be releasing information about our future plans for OpenAccess and will publish the ORM roadmap in the weeks to come, I wanted to make a quick note about licensing. The good news for customers with an all-inclusive subscription is that they will get the tool free of charge, as well as any updates that are out during their subscription....
    October 15, 2008