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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM – What’s coming in Q1 2012 release

    February 09, 2012 Share
      As many of you probably know already, we are going to release Q1 a month earlier this year (in mid-February). As the release date is approaching we are proud to show you the improvements in the product we have developed in the last several months. Following your feedback and advices, we have dedicated this version mostly to usability and optimization of the time you spend working with large Domain Models.   Batch Operations Dialog We have acknowledged that if you have hundreds of domain classes or tables with plenty of columns, modifying your model can sometimes become a boring and lengthy task. In...
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    Introducing Printing Support for GridView and Scheduler for WinForms

    February 08, 2012 Share
    Have you ever wondered how to print your RadGridView and RadScheduler instances? I guess you have. Yet, this is one of the most voted features in our Public Issue Tracking System. The good news is that Q1 2012 is close and printing support for RadGridView and RadScheduler will be a part of it. This support will allow the end-user to directly pass RadGridView and RadScheduler data to the printer. S\he does not need to export the data to other formats in advance (PDF, Excel, etc.) in order to print it, nor should s\he scan his\her monitor :-) As always, we’ve made the printing...
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    Telerik at Øredev

    November 25, 2011 Share
    Telerik was a partner of the largest technical conference in Sweden - Øredev. It took place in Malmö between 7-11 November 2011. Øredev is the Premier developer's conference in Europe focused on the whole software development process. The conference brings the best speakers on subjects such as Java, .Net, Project Management, Web development and Testing.   In such a diverse community of developers it was incredibly easy and fun to exchange ideas and points of view, despite our differences in preferred platforms and programming languages. We felt the strong energy and eagerness of people to be creative.   It was nice to see the huge...
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    Next Monday: What's New in Q3’11 for OpenAccess ORM and Telerik Reporting

    November 22, 2011 Share
    Mark your calendars! Next week is the official Q3 Webinar week and we have set up 11 webinars covering the complete Telerik developer portfolio (and then some). We will once again be giving away some Ultimate Collection licenses, so make sure to register for the webinars that interest you the most, and multiply your chances of winning. On Monday we will start off with an overview of Q3 2011, followed by the XAML webinar, and will finish off with What's New in Q3 2011 for Data Tools. In it, we will take a dive into all the great new features the Telerik Reporting and...

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    Win a Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone for Doing Next to Nothing!

    November 03, 2011 Share
    Oh boy, should we call this one MetroUI for WinForms? It’s your call… If you have been following Telerik’s Windows Forms roadmap, you probably have noticed that we plan to introduce several cool and requested features, which however do not match the latest design patterns in the IT world. Did you really think that we were going to introduce just these features? Did you? Well, you are wrong. :-) With the introduction of the Windows 8 preview at the /BUILD// conference, it became clear that Microsoft will push the Metro design concept to all of its products. We welcome this stance! The...