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    Theming Optimizations in RadControls for WinForms

    Ever since the first release of RadControls for WinForms, we have tried to deliver WPF-like visual effects outside of the WPF platform. This has allowed our customers to deliver dazzling effects leveraging their knowledge of the stable WinForms paradigm. On the other hand the end users are stunned by the richness of the UI interface and the slim behavior that is traditionally reserved for the high-end multimedia systems. Although quite attractive, this eye-candy has always caused a slight increase in component loading time. We have always tried to avoid this tradeoff of performance versus visuals. In our latest release, we have...
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    The Excellence of RadMaskedEditBox

    A lot of time passed since my last post , and lot of things have changed and were added to our unique RadControls for WinForms offer. Today, I'd like to direct the spotlight at RadMaskedEditBox for WinForms, which offers some pretty impressive functionality you will find useful in your applications. While using a text box control for text input and editing is quite familiar, such a component has simplified user interface and poor feature set. However because of the popularity we  implemented the RadTextBox component. When we finished this control, there were voices from the community that said: “Hey we want a text box...
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    The New RadPanelBar for WinForms

    About a year ago my team leader asked me to write a control which mimics the behavior of Telerik RadPanelBar for ASP.NET. I had just finished the development of RadToolStrip so I though “Hmm, a panelbar for WinForms. It shouldn’t be too big of a deal. There is no dragging of toolStripItems, there are no floating forms, the add/remove should be easy to do, etc. But it turned out that it was a bit harder to do than I anticipated. Several issues popped up shortly after the Q1 2007 release, mostly related to performance and to controls being hosted in the panelbar. So...
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    RadControls for WinForms last minute controls

    September 23, 2007 Share
    RadControls for WinForms Q2 is live! It has been exhaustive, but motivating 4 months since the last major release and I am very happy to announce the new version of our innovative Windows Forms components. As I had promised the last time, I will be providing you with interesting and helpful information about the WinForms suite. With Q2 out of the door, I will turn to two of the basic controls which we have included in this release, literally at the last moment, namely RadBreadCrumb and RadDateTimePicker. RadBreadCrumb is a navigation control directly related to the well-known to the community RadTreeView for...
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    RadControls for Windows Forms Q2 2007 BETA Available

    September 05, 2007 Share
    Many days passed since my last post (which is rather interesting and concerns the MS Surface technologies) but now I have the opportunity to justify why: Beta release of RadControls for WinForms Q2 2007 was on the way! We introduced only one new component – the RadCalendar for WinForms, but please do not underestimate the release: all our components contain very serious improvements like RTL language support, hierarchy support, documentation, etc. Let me draw some aces on the table: Major redesign of our QuickStart Framework: Yes, it is more beautiful and has greater usability than ever! It has been completely redesigned to offer...