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    RadDock for WinForms in Q1 2009 and beyond

    A couple of months back we posted the Q1 2009 WinForms Roadmap and gave you a brief overview of what the new version of RadDock (or should I say RadDockingManager) will offer. I know that some of you have been waiting for it for some time now, so I decided to give you a detailed overview of what to expect. In next week’s Q1 2009 you will find improved memory disposal, and numerous bug fixes. Although memory management has been given a nice upgrade, the rest is not too exciting, because we will release the same old RadDockingManager, with a facelift. The exciting...

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    Using RadGauge for WPF in a WinForms application

    February 27, 2009 Share
    In this post, I want to demonstrate the use of the RadGauge for WPF control inside a Windows Forms Application.  Just because you are not developing WPF applications every day does not mean you cannot benefit from what WPF has to offer.  I thought it would be useful to point out that you can use WPF User Controls inside of Windows Forms applications with minimal effort.  This is made possible through the Systems.Windows.Forms.Integration namespace.  More specifically you will be working with a control call "ElementHost" which allows the WPF control to be used in a Windows Form.    So lets get...
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    Building WPF-like Interfaces with RadControls for WinForms

    February 20, 2009 Share
    A couple of weeks ago I did a quick review of the white papers we have on RadControls for WinForms and it turned out that they, just like humans, age with time. Although still valid, the white papers were outdated, so we decided to rejuvenate them. The first white paper which we brought up to date is “Building WPF-like Interfaces with RadControls for WinForms." In addition to bringing WPF to the equation (it used to compare our WinForms suite to Windows Vista, which was hype back when the original white paper was published two years ago), it received a new...

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    OpenAccess, WCF, and a RadGrid (Oh My!)

    February 14, 2009 Share
    I’ve been working on a project that uses OpenAccess ORM as the persistence layer between my app and the database. Since the app is going to be used on both web and client platforms I wanted to add a services layer to serve up the data. Turns out it’s pretty easy to do. So I’ll walk you through a quick demo of how to hook OpenAccess up to WCF services and then consume the data with a RadGrid. Set up the project structure First, create a class library project called Data to hold the data access code. This is where you’ll use OpenAccess to...
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    Binding RadGridView Controls Together using CellElements

    February 11, 2009 Share
    Our dear friends from Falafel Software (the creators of Telerik Trainer, among other great things) have posted a cool blog on Binding RadGridView Controls Together using CellElements. I would suggest it to any one using RadGridView to WinForms!   Thanks, Rachel!...