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    RadPropertyGrid for WinForms is getting new cool features in Q3 2011

    Q3 2011 release is getting close and we are eager to share some of the improvements that we have been working on lately. We have always been relying on your feedback to better shape our tools for your purposes. This time it is no different. RadPropertyGrid will get three highly requested features. The first feature will allow you to add custom items in the RadPropertyGrid by using RadPropertyStore. It is a collection of PropertyStoreItems which contain information that describes a property, its type, name, value, etc. When the RadPropertyStore is set to the SelectedObject property of the RadPropertyGrid, it displays these...
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    RadGridView for WinForms conditional formatting – a matter of expressions

    RadGridView provides numerous handful approaches to customize its appearance, even at runtime. For example, you could use  formatting events or the Style property . However, sometimes it is handy to specify complex conditions in a script form. In our previous release we introduced an  expression editor which allows for using formulas and expressions both at design time and runtime. In our next release we will introduce the same powerful feature for conditional formatting. You and your end-users will be able to target and style RadGridView cells and rows using powerful expressions. With the help of our existing rule-based conditional formatting you can easily highlight all cells...
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    After //build/: RadControls for WinForms suite is here to stay for desktop development

    I suppose that you guys were as much excited about the presentation of Windows 8 as we were. We were also very eager to put our hands on the Developer Preview of Windows 8 and we did so right after the build was released. And here comes the good news – RadControls for WinForms run smoothly on Windows 8! The Telerik Metro and Telerik Metro Blue themes that we have introduced during the past several months will allow your RadControls-enabled applications to nicely match the Metro design of the new Operating System.   RadControls for WinForms Examples application running on Windows 8   Happy coding!...
    September 16, 2011
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    Q3 2011 Telerik RadControls for WinForms Roadmap

    In our official major release Q2 2011 we introduced several new controls - RadPropertyGrid, RadListView and RadRichTextBox (Beta) - which nicely complemented the suite and responded to your requests. Now it is time to look towards the next major release: Q3 2011 (expected mid-Fall). We believe that it is not only important to introduce new controls as we did in Q2, but to constantly improve the existing ones. Therefore, Q3 2011 will focus on improvements and new features in our existing code base. Here are just a few of the many improvements that are about to come: RadGridView. Two new highly requested editors will allow the end...
    September 02, 2011
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    Q2 2011 Service Pack 1 of RadControls for WinForms is out

    A month and a half after yet another great release of RadControls for WinForms, we are happy to announce the availability of Q2 2011 Service Pack 1. This service pack comes with a bunch of cool improvements and fixes throughout the whole WinForms suite. Among the highlights of this release are several new features that set RadRichTextBox (Beta) closer to its official version. In Q2 2011 SP1 you will find support for hyperlinks and bookmarks as well as support for tables. Your end-users will also be able to export pages as images. See Q2 2011 Service Pack 1 Release Notes for more information about...
    September 01, 2011