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    Building a Windows Phone 7 control from the ground up - Part Two - the “Date ListBox”

    The next interesting part of building a Windows Phone 7 DatePicker control is the Date ListBox. That is a ListBox which should meet the following requirements: Can display in a human readable manner one of the three Date components: Day, Month and Year Should be “Infinite” – as discussed in my previous post. Should use data virtualization (to be most efficient). As you can see our “Infinite ListBox” project now comes in hand. The last two of the upper requirements are already implemented and all we need to do is to implement a special VirtualizedDataItem<DateTime> that provides the needed information to bind to. For a...
    September 02, 2010
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    Building a Windows Phone 7 control from the ground up - Part one - the “Infinite ListBox”

    One of the coolest things in every new developer platform is the challenge to master the entire framework in a way that enables you to create high quality, greatly optimized controls that behave in exactly the same way a user would expect to. Yesterday Microsoft announced that more than 300 000 developers have already downloaded the WP7 Developer Tools Beta. Based entirely on Silverlight, phone development has never been easier and more fun than in the Windows Phone 7 environment. With these series of blogs I want to reveal some tricky moments in developing a simple DatePicker control for WP7....