• .NET Testing & ALM

    Keeping Ahead of the Candy Line

    Do your team's testers end up getting work late in the iteration/sprint/cycle/whatever? Are they tremendously backed up trying to get automation scripts written, validations done and exploratory sessions completed?
  • .NET

    See What's Cooking-JustMock for Devices Beta Available

    JustMock for Devices is a version of JustMock that allows you to use the familiar JustMock syntax to create, arrange and use mocks in tests that run on devices. It supports Windows Phone and Xamarin Android/iOS and works both in the emulator/simulator and on the devices. You can use it both with Visual Studio on Windows and with Xamarin Studio on Mac. The feature set of JustMock for Devices is similar to that of JustMock Lite – you can mock interfaces, virtual members on classes that can be sub-classed and delegates. All arrangement and assertion features are supported except a few exotic ones (e.g. Wait.For, SetInterceptionFilter) The package will be delivered through the JustMock and JustMock Trial installers. Now it is available in the latest internal build of JustMock in a Beta stage. Installation in all cases is done through the NuGet package manager, but you need to install JustMock first.
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Early Test Collaboration with Test Studio Solution and R1 2015 Release Webinar Recording and Questions

    This blog post will provide you a summary of the R1 Test Studio release webinar, recording of the webinar and answers to a few interesting questions asked during the webinar.
  • .NET Mobile

    Telerik DevCraft Ultimate Addresses All Your Mobile Needs

    There are three primary approaches to building mobile apps today: web, hybrid and native. Telerik offers solutions for all approaches. We provide you with more than 400 mobile-optimized UI components to help you create a mobile strategy capable of delivering the right result, regardless of the approach.
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    JustDecompile Engine Becomes Open Source

    This week, the Telerik® development team made the JustDecompile decompilation engine source code is available on GitHub. Yes, we are making the code open source under the Apache 2.0 license.