Build iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8
hybrid apps using a single pure HTML5,
CSS and JavaScript codebase


Develop Using Your Favorite IDE

AppBuilder includes five IDE choices, enabling you to build hybrid mobile apps from anywhere, the way you want. Cross-platform app development can be done via an always-available in-browser client; a rich, native Windows client; and a clean and simple command-line interface for Windows or OS X. Visual Studio developers can access Telerik AppBuilder via direct Visual Studio integration, and Sublime Text users can build, deploy and test Telerik AppBuilder apps straight from the popular text editor.

Build Native-Like Apps With Apache Cordova

AppBuilder multiplatform mobile applications are built on the Apache Cordova (aka PhoneGap) JavaScript-to-Native bridge technology. This enables you to use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to build apps leveraging readily available or custom device APIs, such as those for camera, accelerometer, geolocation and more.

Analyze Your Apps and Know Your Users

Telerik Analytics enables developers to effectively monitor and track applications built with AppBuilder at run-time, 24/7. Collected data helps developers reduce support by fixing run-time crashes as they occur. Obtain user insights, such as location and system configuration, find and remove application bottlenecks and track features used the most to prioritize future development.

See Edits and Debug in Real-Time

Iterate on your design quickly using the integrated device simulator to see how your mobile application looks and feels, without ever deploying to a physical device. Test the behavior of a hybrid app across multiple platforms and form factors, while the debugger interacts with your code and has views for elements, resources and the console. View and modify the DOM, see console messages and much more.

Create Beautiful Cross-Platform UI

AppBuilder includes multiple integrated frameworks, enabling you to easily customize beautiful hybrid app UI. Jumpstart your hybrid application development and get the look and feel you want with our pre-built project templates using jQuery UI Mobile, Telerik Kendo UI Mobile and Kendo UI DataViz. With just two clicks, you can enable native-like experiences using Kendo UI Mobile, create a standardized look using jQuery Mobile, or create awesome charts that look and behave consistently across any platform and device using Kendo UI DataViz.  

Deploy Fully Tested Market-Ready Apps

We wanted to implement an iterative approach to app development nearly identical to that used in web development. To accomplish this, AppBuilder provides a connection to your app as it's running on one or more physical devices, enabling you to see changes made in real time, without having to recompile.

AppBuilder also includes a companion app, facilitating rapid iOS on-device app testing and sharing, without requiring any complicated provisioning steps. 

Publish to Stores with Ease

Publishing to the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store broadens your reach to more users but can also be a hassle. Not with AppBuilder. With built-in support preparing projects for publication, the App Store/Google Play/Windows Phone Store headache will be a thing of the past. AppBuilder provides the guidance and assistance you need to make publishing your app as simple as it was to build.

The Cloud Manages Your SDKs

Say goodbye to downloading and managing SDKs. Telerik AppBuilder cloud services manages all the platform dependencies for you, so you can focus on development. No need to download, configure and manage multiple development environments and numerous SDKs. AppBuilder handles it all for you—in the cloud.

Manage Your Entire App Backend

AppBuilder integrates seamlessly with Telerik Backend Services to accelerate development time. Backend Services provides your app with data and file storage, user management, cloud code execution and email notifications. Manage the entire backend of your mobile app through one user-friendly portal: dictate permissions, execute cloud code, pick social authentications, and set up email and push notifications. Telerik Backend Services works seamlessly with AppBuilder for easily integration in your app today.
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IDE Choices

Develop cross-platform mobile apps on the go with a web client that runs in all modern browsers. 

This native Windows application provides code navigation, refactoring and real-time on-device updates.

Enjoy all of the AppBuilder platform’s cross-platform capabilities without leaving Visual Studio.

Add a set of commands to build, deploy and LiveSync changes from Sublime Text to your connected devices.

Access the build, deploy and simulator capabilities of AppBuilder from the command line, on Windows or OS X.

Part of the Telerik Platform

Telerik AppBuilder is available separately or as part of the Telerik Platform, the first end-to-end platform for hybrid, native and web development across all devices. Join the platform to gain access to:

  • Industry-leading UI tools for web, hybrid and native apps
  • Design, develop and test mobile apps
  • Simplify data management, data integration, user management and push notifications
  • Explore user behavior with powerful app analytics
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This paper aims to explain the primary differences between these approaches and provide a basic framework for choosing the “right” way to build modern mobile apps.


  • Thanks to Telerik Backend Services and AppBuilder, I was able to release my first app, Hidden Cuisine, in two months. Telerik Backend Services makes it easy to store and access your data in the cloud.

    Blake ScarlavaiCreator of Hidden Cuisine
    Hidden Cuisine
  • Telerik AppBuilder lets me leverage my HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills easily and effectively. If it wasn’t for Telerik and its ease of use, and develop-once-and-deploy-many strategy, we would have never hit our deadlines.

    Jeff MonteforteCIO
  • Telerik AppBuilder has given us massive confidence in building hybrid apps, and we're looking forward to utilizing it for future projects.

    Matthew AugierDev Team Leader
    Purple Agency

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