Telerik Points

FAQ for Telerik Points

How do I earn my Telerik points?

You earn Telerik points simply by using the community tools on our web-site. Every time you interact on our web-site, we will add points to your account.

  • Complete your profile (1,000 points)
  • Send a Testimonial (1,500 points)
  • Send a Code Library Project (up to 10,000 points)
  • Send General Feedback (0 - 3,000 points)
  • Send Bug Report (0 - 3,000 points)
  • Send Feature Request (0 - 3,000 points)
  • Test a beta product (up to 10,000 points)
  • Send a Case Study (5,000 points)
  • Vote in a poll (100 points)
  • Fill in a survey (1,000 points)
  • Send localization files for a product(0 - 3,000 points)
  • Refer friends/colleagues (10,000 points); referee must be a first-time customer

* Variations apply on a case-by-case basis.

Can I earn Telerik points outside of this site?

Yes, you can earn Telerik points for any action promoting our developers' community outside our own web-site. Please, contact us to request your Telerik points if you have:

  • Reviewed/rated our product anywhere on the internet
  • made a forum/blog posting regarding our products anywhere on the internet
  • in any way promoted our company to the developers’ community at large

Please, include the URL where you have posted your reviews.

How long after my action will my Telerik points accrue to my account?

Depending on your action, please allow several days for your points to appear in your account. Some actions will accrue your Telerik points immediately, but others require the authorization of a support officer.

How can I track my Telerik points?
You can check your Telerik points in your profile in Your Account. You will see a single amount of your accumulated Telerik points.
What's a Telerik point worth?
100 Telerik points are equivalent to 1 USD. Telerik points, however, are not exchangeable for cash.
What can I get for my Telerik points?
You can use your Telerik points as discounts on all Telerik products except for Telerik TeamPulse, Telerik Test Studio and Telerik Test Studio Runtime. The points can be used when purchasing new product licenses or subscription renewals.
What limitations apply to my use of Telerik points?
Telerik points cannot be redeemed when purchasing through a reseller but only when ordering directly through Telerik. In addition, Telerik points cannot be used as discounts against Telerik Test Studio and Test Execution licenses, offered in partnership with Art of Test.
How do I redeem my Telerik points?
To claim your Telerik points, please check the respective check-box at the top of the Billing Information screen in our shopping cart. The Telerik points discount will be applied automatically. Please note that you need to be logged into the customer account in which the Telerik points are accumulated in order to see the Telerik points discount option.
Can I transfer my Telerik points to another account?
Yes. If you choose to make a purchase from an account different from the one you have used to collect Telerik points, please fill in the General Feedback form from the Support Tickets page to request the transfer of the points between your accounts. When you post your request, make sure that you are logged in the account FROM which you want to transfer Telerik points. We need this to verify your request.
How to apply for Telerik points from referral? new
In order to receive points for a referral, please ask the referee to e-mail prior to making the purchase specifying your name and e-mail address. This will allow us to add the points to your account once the purchase is made. Please note that Telerik points are awarded only for referrals of first-time customers.
Legal Disclaimer

Telerik reserves the right to discontinue or make changes to this program without prior notice to all users. By creating an account on our website, you agree that Telerik is not responsible for any loss, damage, or potential adversity that you may suffer because of the Telerik points program.

Telerik reserves the right to take adequate action to safeguard against the abuse of the Telerik points system. Actions against users suspected for misuse of our system include, but are not limited to subtraction of points, deactivation of accounts, and annulment of purchases.

How to earn points

For every 100 telerik points you get $1 in discounts

What to do Points you get
Complete your profile 1,000
Send a testimonial 1,500
Send a Code Library Project up to 10,000
Send general feedback 0 - 3,100
Send bug report 0 - 3,100
Send feature request 0 - 3,100
Test a beta product up to 10,000
Vote in a poll 100
Fill in a survey 1,000
Send localization files for a product 0 - 3,100
Refer friends/colleagues referee must be a first-time customer 10,000
  • USA: +1 888 365 2779
  • India: +91 124 4300987